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We Are Hackley

Our Students

Our students create this community together, learning and growing through relationship with others consistent with our motto, “United, we help one another.” While our students differ widely in their interests, passions, backgrounds and perspectives, they share a commitment to mutual respect and welcome, unreserved effort, and to investing themselves in what they do with energy and joy.

Our Faculty & Staff

Hackley employees support and drive the School’s culture of respect and welcome, modeling through their work the values framed by our motto, “United, we help one another.” Leading by example, they encourage students to rise to the challenge posed by our mission: to grow in character, scholarship, and accomplishment, to offer unreserved effort, and to learn from the varying perspectives and backgrounds in our community and the world." Visit "Our Faculty & Staff" news page.

Employee Directory

Our Parents

We often call Hackley parents the glue that holds the Hackley community together through the Hackley Parents’ Association (HPA)’s many efforts on campus. Through the HPA’s broad array of programming, we as a community get to know one another better- uniting to help one another in so many different ways. Visit "Our Parents" information page.

Our Alumni

Hackley alumni share a deep devotion to the “Hilltop” where they were invited, every day, to “Enter here to be and find a friend.” Even as the School evolved over decades from a seven-day boys’ boarding school to a coeducational K-12 school day school with a five-day boarding program, and the campus itself has evolved and grown, alumni take pride in belonging to this place, which values character, commitment and friendship-- qualities prized not in lieu of accomplishment, but recognized as more important. Visit "Our Alumni" news page.

Our Leadership Team

The head of school and the leadership team work together to oversee the ways in which Hackley delivers its institutional mission.

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  • The Leadership Team

    • Michael C. Wirtz, Head of School
    • M. Cyndy Jean, Assistant Head of School for Community and Inclusivity
    • Basil Kolani, Director of Academic Affairs
    • Andrew M. King, Director of the Upper School
    • Shazia Durrani, Director of the Middle School
    • Lisa Oberstein, Director of the Lower School
    • Erin Bernstein, Chief Financial Officer
    • Robert Aldrich, Director of Operations and Campus Planning
    • Sheila Hicks-Rotella, Director of Enrollment Management
    • Teresa Weber, Director of Advancement

Our Trustees

Two-thirds of the 24 current members of Hackley’s Board of Trustees are alumni or parents of alumni, with perspective shaped by long relationship with Hackley. They share a commitment to the long view and to the core identity of Hackley that transcends the moment, while also appreciating the needs of the School in the 21st century.

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  • Our Trustees

    • H. Rodgin Cohen, President
    • Maria A. Docters, Vice President
    • Harvinder S. Sandhu, MD, Vice President and Treasurer
    • Eric B. Gyasi ’01, Secretary
    • Sherry Blockinger ’87
    • Christopher P. Bogart
    • John C. Canoni ’86
    • Thomas A. Caputo ’65
    • Dawn N. Fitzpatrick
    • David I. Gluckman
    • Linda Holden-Bryant
    • Kaveh Khosrowshahi ’85
    • Jeffrey A. Libert ‘73
    • Michael H. Lowry
    • Rachel Mears
    • Dan Rifkin ‘89
    • Hannah E. Saujet ‘94
    • Jumaane W. Saunders ’96
    • Sy Sternberg
    • John R. Torell IV ’80
    • Sarah J. Unger ’03
    • Amy Wong
    • Maureen Wright
    • Herbert A. Allen ’58
    • Daniel A. Celentano
    • John T. Cooney, Jr. ’76
    • Marvin H. Davidson
    • Jack M. Ferraro H’63
    • Berkeley D. Johnson, Jr. ’49
    • Keith R. Kroeger ‘54
    • Philip C. Scott ’60
    • John J. Beni ’51
    • David Berry ’96, MD, PhD
    • Pamela Gallin Yablon, M.D.
    • Robert R. Grusky ’75
    • Jason J. Hogg ’89
    • Michael G. Kimelman ’56
    • Timothy D. Matlack ’70
    • Jonathan P. Nelson ’64
    • Diane D. Rapp
    • Conrad A. Roberts ’68
    • Lawrence D. Stewart ’68
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